What is…







Did you hear that?

My heart…

It didn’t flutter endlessly like before.

Just a kick, then back to normal.

So, this means what I think it does.

Wow, they’re gone…


This feels amazing!

I look and I’m okay.

No more jealousy or longing…


Who knows how long this will last?

Better for now, anyway.

Really, who likes all that?

What’s the point of looking when you won’t get that back?

Well, not in the same.

Is my optimism pure or mocking?

Mocking of the situation

Or you?

I’m not sure…


I mean, sorry for caring.

Seriously. I’m wasting feelings on you.

That’s why the flutter is gone…

Where am I going with this?

I’m a different person now.

You noticed, didn’t you?

With some of the pounds goes some of the insecurity…

Does that bother you…? All of you…

You know who you are.

If you’re bold, say it to my face.

Say it like it is.

Tell me…

Your feelings.

And, well

You know who I am.

‘Very Beautiful…’




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